At the moment I translate the following combinations:
Dutch  > English
English > Dutch
German > Dutch
German > English

I can also edit your current text or summarise it into another language.

Below are examples of what I offer in the language combinations.
One thing is for sure: the translation will have flow.

Dutch > English

Do you want to understand the agenda and minutes of your Dutch company or institution as well? Please forward your supervisor to me!

English > Dutch

Do you have your website all set up, and want to gain the trust of your Dutch customers? I am happy to help.

German > Dutch

Many Dutch people believe all Germans speak English. And many Germans believe all Dutch people understand German. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Want to avoid miscommunication? Better ask a Dutch native speaker.

German > English

Whether it is to attract staff from abroad, being able to read an article or paper that was originally in German, or to conquer the international market, an English translation will always be of assistance.

What do you need a translation for?

Of course you will make sure a translation is available of that one important report. But what else is there on offer?

What you get back

A translation that flows!