Why flow

About me

The idea behind flow translations is that you will receive a translation that flows well. I do not make a translation when I am not 100% sure it will be of great quality. Flow is my priority, from which follows that I do NOT divide my attention over all languages and disciplines.

My name is Bridget van de Grootevheen. I am a native Dutch speaker with a master’s degree in English language and culture from Utrecht University. While I was initially trained as a secondary school teacher with an expertise in intercultural communication, I decided that translation was the path for me to continue travelling on. The Dutch are famous for being able to speak English well, and if you go around asking, people will not deny their English is good. However, for a translation, “good” is not good enough. Also, a “good” understanding of English does also not mean everyone can translate the meaning behind the original text to a Dutch audience. How well the intentions may be, if you want to be sure the message is not lost, it is better to hire someone with a solid background in both the source language and the target language. During my English studies, I dedicated 5 years to understanding the social, cultural, political, and economic climate of the UK and the US. All that knowledge is worked into my translations as well. During those 5 years I wrote in English and edited every day. I also translated for others. That is why I can create translations with flow.

But I thought you also do German translations?
I do, however, mainly from German into English and Dutch. Flow is more important to me than good intentions. In the meantime, I am working to get my German on the same level as my Dutch and English so that I can use German more often as a target language in the near future as well.

A translation with flow